Following the success of signing MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with Korea (KSAPS) and Thailand (THSAPS). This year’s Taiwan Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery will sign the MOU with Japan, Hong Kong, Mongolia, and Singapore’s society of aesthetic surgery. International organization’s big wheel in the aesthetic surgery field will attend and share their knowledge and experience with the participants. It will make this conference into a whole different level international event.
Welcome everyone to join the MOU signing ceremony!
Date:2018/10/27(Sat) 10:20-11:00
Location:Room 301A

2017.4.1 Signing MOU with Korea Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (KSAPS)

2017.11.11 Signing MOU with Thailand Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (THSAPS)

Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital, Shabghai JiaoTong University School of Medicine Department of Plastic Surgery

Cross-Straits Medicine Exchange Association