Keynote Speakers

Dr. Foad Nahai
United States
  • Master Class: Freestyle Facelift
  • Topic: Contemporary Blepharoplasty
Dr. Lee L.Q. Pu
United States
  • Master Clas: Fat Grafting for facial rejuvenation and contouring
  • Topic: Contemporary Breast Augmentation Practice in the United States
Dr. Roger K. Khouri
United States
  • Master Class: Autologous Fat Transfer: Fundamental Principles & Advanced Applications.
  • Topic : Incisionless and Sutureless Mastopexy by Tissue Remodeling
Dr. Giovanni Botti
  • Master Class: Face lift in 2018
  • Topic : Why nanotextured breast implants
Dr. Kotaro Yoshimura
  • Master Class: Natural breast enhancement strategy with fat grafting and implant
  • Topic: Facial rejuvenation and recontouring with injectables
Dr. Eun-Sang Dhong
  • Master Class: A to Z of Asian Septorhinoplasty
  • Topic: Folded cymba concha: Is it applicable as a caudal septal extension graft in Asians

 International Speakers

Dr. Xiaoxi Lin
  • Topic: The modified Z-epicanthoplasty- a stepwise and individualized design
Dr. Dong Li
  • Topic: The 3D morphological and clinical application study of nose and face correlation in Chinese
Dr. Li Yu
  • Topic: Status of endoscopic application in transaxillary augmentation mammoplasty
Dr. Xiao Yan Tu
  • Topic: Internet Plus Commercial Insurance Promotes the Healthy Development of China’s Medical and Beauty Industry
Dr. Huang Jin Long
  • Topic: Facial anti-aging countermeasures: a correction of facial soft tissue defects and sagging
Dr. Yu Meng Wu
  • Topic: Analysis to the Operation of Thread Lifting: An Approach Upon Layers of Facial Nerves and Their Spreading
Dr. Edmund Chan
Hong Kong
  • Topic: Cartilage graft retrieval in rhinoplasty
Dr. Kam Hop Li
Hong Kong
  • Topic: management of complications associated with injectables
Dr. Wilson Ho
Hong Kong
  • Topic: Mid-face volumization in Asia
Dr. Hiroyuki Ohjimi
  • Topic: Changes in Upper Eyelid and Eyebrow Positions before, during, and after Levator Advancement in Patients with Blepharoptosis
Dr. Kenji Kusumoto
  • Topic: The Principle of PRP and the Clinical Applications in Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery
Dr. Keizo Fukuta
  • Topic: A case report of visual loss following nasal augmentation with hyaluronic acid injection
Dr. Yuzo Komuro
  • Topic: Lower Blepharoplasty
Dr. Choi, Jong-woo
  • Topic: Clinical application of 3D Computer simulation and 3D printing technology in Rhinoplasty
Dr. Youngdae Lee
  • Topic: Breast Augmentation with IMF Approach; 10 Years Experience in Asian Patient
Dr. Min-Hee Ryu
  • Topic: High SMAS Facelift with Release of Retaining ligaments in Sub-SMAS Plane;Anatomical Considerations of OOM, Zygomatic Nerve Branches in the Malar Area
Dr. Hyungjoo Noh
  • Topic: PDO, PLA Thread Lifting and Fat Graft for Facial Rejuvenation
Dr. Bong Kyoon Choi
  • Topic: Facial Contouring Surgery; from Basic to Reconstruction
Dr. Seong Soo Park
  • Topic: Hybrid Augmentation Mammoplasty
Dr. Kamol Wattanakrai
  • Topic: Strategic management of siliconoma chin
Dr. Woffles Wu
  • Topic: Woffles Lift
  • Topic: Simplified Approach to Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty
Dr. Adrian Ooi
  • Topic: : Aesthetic Open Structural Rhinoplasty for South East Asian Cleft Patients
Dr. Wong Chin Ho
  • Topic: Pre-periosteal Mid Cheek Lift using the spaces of the Mid cheek: The Space Lift
Dr. Leonardo Carillo
  • Topic: Simultaneous High Definition Body Sculpture Including Qluteal Reshaping
Dr. Le Hanh
  • Topic: 3D Facial Surgical Rejuvenation: New concept, better result