• All booth requests and will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis by the date and time of receipt of payment. An early application ensures desirable spots of the booth.
  • The exhibiting company must be a legally registered business.
  • The organizer has indisputable right to refuse application. Received deposit or payment will be refunded to the applicant.



  • The Organizer has indisputable right to assign or reassign the locations of the booths in the exhibition hall.



  • The opening and closing dates can be seen in the application form. However, the closing date will be depended on the organizer’s final decision and should be ended on whichever date is earlier.
  • If the exhibitor is absent, all deposit or payment will not be returned.
  • The exhibitor should not leave before the end of exhibition or remove its products from the exhibition booth.
  • All payments and fees will still be charged by the organizer if the exhibitor leaves before the end of exhibition.



  • The exhibitor should hire its own exhibit design contractor to set up the booth. The exhibitor should do its best to decorate the booth in order to promote its products.
  • The exhibit design contractor should follow the working hours and dates scheduled by the organizer. The decorator is responsible for removing all the trash and waste produced during the decoration.
  • The exhibitor is responsible for the cleanliness of the booth during the exhibition.
  • The exhibitor should move out all products and displayed items right after the end of exhibition. All decoration must be removed. The exhibitor is responsible for damage of the booth.
  • The exhibitor should follow the design regulations to decorate its booth. The regulations will be announced soon.
  • The decoration work should be completed one day before the exhibition starts. Any later adjustment or fixation cannot be done without the organizer’s permission. And it can only be done during exhibition closing hours.



  • All the staff inside the booth must be the employers of the exhibitor and must follow the rules of the exhibition.
  • The exhibitor should purchase insurance with adequate coverage. The organizer is not responsible for any loss or damage.
  • The exhibitor must assign enough staff for the booth, an empty booth is not allowed.
  • Every exhibitor and employer is strictly restricted from any kind of commercial activities outside its own booth in the exhibition hall.
  • Any act of harassment, or causing any inconvenience to other exhibitors and the organizer is strictly prohibited.
  • The exhibitor is fully liable for all the possible charges result from any kind of violation, injury or damage. If a third party is involved, the exhibitor should sign a waiver of liability to the organizer.
  • All merchandise and displayed items belong to the exhibitor. After the exhibition, any item left in the exhibition hall will be confiscated. The organizer holds no responsibility for the security of the products during all time.
  • The organizer is waived of all related liabilities for damage to the exhibition hall or inconvenience to the exhibitors cause by earthquakes or other natural disasters.



  • Under no circumstances should the exhibitor transfer its exhibition booth to a third party without the official permission from the organizer.
  • The organizer holds indisputable right to revise all the terms and regulations.
  • The organizer is not responsible for any problem related to the printed matter.
  • Every participant must wear a personal ID card. Personnel without ID card will be blocked from the meeting area. Card-exchange is prohibited.
  • ID card reissue fee: NT$2000
  • The exhibitor from last year gets extra 10% discount plus the super-early bird, early bird, or late bird discount.
  • Early bird discount cannot overlap with the 5% discount of diamond package, platinum package, gold package, or silver package.
  • If all the industry sessions and lunch seminars are already booked, the organizer will compensate the exhibitor equally valuable products.
  • If the sponsorship amount exceeds the original price of the diamond or platinum package, the company logo will be shown at the registration.
  • Industry sessions and lunch seminars will be arranged by first-come, first-served basis by the date and time of receipt of payment.
  • Free space without basic booth: NT$4000 will be deducted from the original price.


Environmental Protection Policy

In response to energy conservation and carbon reduction, exhibitors are suggested to provide less printed promotional materials and properly recycle resources for environmental protection.